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Teacher's Page

Do we call this some sort of pun? Is it Teacher's book? Account?

Regardless, we'll put something here s a welcome to our teachers. Shakespeare is about education and the brain/body boost. Teachers all over the world have been using Botanical Shakespeare as a classroom tool for casting new light on the works of the bard as well as increasing awareness and skills in the are of gardening and agricultural planning.

Here's a few suggestions from us!

Check out how you might use planting information for a given play both to cultivate characters and moods as well as how plantlife can vary (and why) between different agricultural zones.

Why listen more to us when you can hear what some teacher's themselves have been up to!

Rebekkah Boysen-Taylor of the Palouse Prairie School have turned this book into inspiration for both art projects and gardening plots that they will grow and maintain themselves!