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Planting Information for:

Julius Caesar


OAKQuercus spp.

Zones 4 –10. Very long-lived, mostly deciduous trees with separate male and female flowers. Fruits are hard nuts called Acorns. If planting acorns, best time is between mid-fall & early spring. (Early November optimal for health of the tree). If planting an acorn in the fall, wait till the rainy season has passed & the ground is already wet.  You can also start with a sapling. Trees thrive in well-drained fertile soil. Timber is prized particularly for construction, furniture & barrels. Can grow to 150 ft. tall, depending on species.



PALMRhapis, Cycas, Cocos and many other genera

Zones 13 – 15.  Many genera and thousands of species are commonly known as palms, including date palms, fan palms, & sago palms. Most are native of tropical areas in well-drained, humus-rich soil. To plant a palm tree, dig your hole at least 6'' wider & deeper than the tree’s root ball. Then, put 6'' of sand in the bottom of the hole. Next, expose the root ball's root system & ease the tree down, making sure the root ball is slightly lower than the level of the adjacent ground. Palms can be tree-like, stemless plants, or climbers, or shrubs, so choose a shape that’s best for your space. Most palm grow 35 – 50 ft. tall according to type.

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