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Did you know there was a “sonnet craze” in the late Elizabethan era? Most people don’t; some people do. But if they do know, they only know Shakespeare’s 154 sonnets, and *maybe* Philip Sidney’s Astrophil & Stella. But what actually constitutes a “craze” we were wondering. Are they better than Shakespeare’s? or worse? Are these sonnet cycles connected? How are they they same? Or different? Why was everyone doing it? Fad, trend, obsession? All this pondering became ponderous. So we thought, Let’s just hear them! ALOUD.

We’ve collected about 25 sonnet cycles so far (& may find more); we’ll just keep going till we’ve hear them all -- read in a round, all over the globe. We hope to come to a broader understanding of this craze, before it drives us crazy. So, here we go...


Keep track of where and when the next reading cycle will be on the @SONNETcycleseries Facebook page! 

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