The Botanical Shakespeare Companion (The "Boshax Buddy) - $10 

The Botanical Shakespeare Companion is an index of the plants by Play, Character, & Category (genus/species-like) allowing you to unlock the full potential of Botanical Shakespeare and curate your very own tailor-made gardens, bouquets, & floral décor.

ShakesTees and Babygrows

"Quote me"

(Be a Bard!)

ShakesTees - $25

Babygrows - $20

Botanical Shakespeare "Offshoots"

Floral lariats

(instant outfit upgrade)


Sugar-free ShakesLollies

(with quotes attached!)

$3 each

-Strawberry or Apple-

Limited quantities on all!

To purchase any item, please fill write to us in our contact form and we will reach out with purchase information.


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