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Ah, the Single Lady

Queen Elizabeth I & the Man in the Medallion

Queen Elizabeth I has been in the news a lot lately. For someone whose coronation was 461 years ago, on 15 January 1559, she’s still front-page news. Part of the reason is that she remains remarkably modern. She had her astrologer, John Dee, divine the most auspicious date for the event (millennials would approve), which clearly worked — during her nearly 45-year reign, the scaffolding for the society in which we now live was built and still stands. A glove she wore at that very coronation has recently been on display at the Fashion Museum in Bath. A parish altar cloth identified as a rare surviving dress of hers is now on display at Hampton Court Palace...

Diagram of Queen Elizabeth I and her medallion
Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I courtesy Bonham’s auction house, London; Tacitus image/photo by The LIFE Picture Collection via Getty Images for, BBC.

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