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Holiday Gift Guide - 2020 Edition

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

One of my favorite holiday movies is Miracle on 34th Street -- esp. the part where Macy's helping Gimbels starts a pay-it-forward effect of cooperation. SO, in the spirit of We-are-all-in-this-together & all boats rise with the tide, our holiday gift list embraces various ways to bring Shakespeare plants into your everyday life for what we like to call The Bard's Brain-Body Boost! It's a holistic approach that de-compartmentalizes the Intellectual, Emotional & Physical.

See your Shakespeare through plants & your plant life--food flowers herbs--with a side o' Shakespeare. It does a WHOLE body good -- you, your friends, the planet! Happy & Merry!

1. Blooming Lollipops -- OK no lollipops in Shakespeare, but fun for the kiddos (& stressed-out adults), & the Sticks go straight into the dirt to grow flowers.

2. Shakespeare Planter -- What better reminder that what you feed your mind will grow! (& supporting some unemployed philosophers is nice too)

3. Midnight Mushrumps from The Tempest! Shiitake Mushroom Log Kit & Oyster Mushroom Log Kit, at Uncommon Goods

4. Green onion kit from Hamama -- Shakespeare would say eat no onions or garlic! (but a bit of parsley afterward will freshen the breath)

5. Year-round herbs made easy, for a quick Crush & Sniff! Window Plant Pod by Andy Bass

6. There's no bamboo in Shakespeare, but that's the point -- no trees were wasted for 2020's hottest commodity (pun intended!) Reel Toilet paper

7. Plants as artwork -- we obviously resonate with this! Growlight Frame Shelf by Sarah Burrows and Nick Behr

8. Or the bouquet that never withers... Our very own illustrated compendium, Botanical Shakespeare (Even the Kindle version got praise)

9. And if you already have he book, we do have VERY limited editions of the BoShax Buddy aka The Botanical Shakespeare Companion -- easy lists of the plants by play, by character, & by species + Beech! - which we missed in the main tome. $10 + ship.

NOTE: Uncommon Goods, retailer of some of the products on our gift list, often updates their inventory and product URL names and titles. If it appears that any gift links no longer work, go to their gifts page to search:

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